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Project safety is everyone’s priority.

Safety at Avery Construction begins with its most valuable assets: our employees. Through their dedicated efforts and attentiveness to safety, projects are initiated confidently and safely.

Maintaining safety camaraderie amongst the team is essential for keeping all of those involved and the public protected.

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Health and Safety Plan/Safety Assurance Program

Avery Construction has an active Health and Safety Plan/Safety Assurance Program that outlines and highlights the general and project-specific requirements to be followed to ensure the safest operations.

Avery Construction Company has an appointed Safety Manager whose responsibilities encompass the safe work practice of Avery Construction’s employees, general public, and environment. Toolbox talks are conducted to raise awareness and remind of the potential job hazards of the specific project. Pre-Excavation checklists, Equipment Safety Inspection forms, and Activity Hazard Analysis forms are executed daily, or as necessary, to offer documentation of required process alternatives, repairs, and assessment.



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